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Meredith Price  10/24/17
"Dr Samuel changed our lives by helping my Autistic son learn to speak and learn to control his ADHD through his professional recommendation for Speech, Behavioral therapy, and Medication treatment. My son was non-verbal  when we met Dr. Samuel just 1 year ago, and now my child knows over 50 words in his vocabulary. 
We drive 3 hours each time we are scheduled to see Dr. Samuel, which is not long for the service and care that is provided by his practice.
Thank you Dr. Samuel for changing our lives."

Miguel Velez-Miranda  6/07/17

We come all the way from Atlanta; North Atlanta to come see Dr. Samuel in Macon; almost every month. We tried many other specialists in Atlanta area for over 5 years; but none of them could bring any  change to our child; before we found Dr. Samuel. Our son is autistic and has shown remarkable improvement with Dr. Samuel. We are happy to drive two hours from North Atlanta, (and sometimes more hours with heavy traffic) to see Dr. Samuel in Macon,rather than take our son anywhere else.  Needless to say, he is more than worth all the driving. We are just thankful to him for making a difference in the life of our Autistic son.

Anna  10/29/2011

I have dealt with my boys and ADHD for many years. It's not every day that you find a good doctor especially one that is as understanding and knowledgeable as Dr. Samuel. My boys like him and that means a lot. When I have needed him to return my call, he has always done it without prevail. I highly recommend if you are looking for a good doctor for your child with behavioral issues then give Dr. Samuel the opportunity to help your family. He has certainly helped mine. After all, we live an hour from him and do not regret the trips especially in this gas eating economy. He is certainly worth it!

Lea Dowd,  Perry; GA    7/20/2016

I had been all over the  State of Georgia for over 15 years to find help for my daughter who suffers from a severe  life long mood condition, but no one could help my child. She had to be admitted into the Psychiatric facilities  almost every month, and her entire life was in turmoil for that long.  When I went to Dr. Samuel with my child and told him what we had been through, he responded that my daughter had a treatable condition and it should really not take longer than four weeks to get her stable.  

 When I heard that , I  thought ; after spending over 15 years without any success for my child, this man wants to fix it in four weeks. Well, he must be one of two things: either a very arrogant man, or someone who was exceptional at what he does.  What can I say.  I  had a pleasant awakening a few weeks later, that Dr. Samuel  was for real. 

Today, my daughter is the best she could ever be, and she is  thankful to Dr. Samuel or giving her back her self esteem. We  now drive only an hour to get to his office, and can never complain about how long it takes to see him, because we know  it is worth our time and drive. I cannot trade his special touch for my child for a million bucks!!

Margaret 09/30/2011

In 2009 my family and I moved here from New York. I wanted a place that was a little more slower paced for my son who was at the time 14 years old. I was having such a hard time with my son. We went to countless doctors and tried different types of medications for him. My son was diagnosed with autism when he was less than 2 years old. Today I have to thank the most high for sending such a wonderful and caring doctor into our lives. My son is now 16 and this year he was in the special Olympics. Now I can take him places without incident, and he is now trying to speak. Thanks to Dr. Samuel and his knowledge and years of experience working with autistic children and using the right medication, my son is improving. Thanks Dr. Samuel and staff!

Candice 10/14/2010

Dr. Samuel is an amazing child psychiatrist. Prior to bringing my first child in his office I had a preconceived notion of child psychiatrists and assumed it would be a waste of my time and somehow my child would be offered a RX for a medication he didn't need. I could not have been more WRONG Dr. Samuels was the complete opposite, his concern was for my child and the actual problems he was having and how we could help my child. Never once was medication mentioned . I am an ADHD parent with an ADHD child. Dr. Samuels truly cares about the children and parents and is driven from his heart not from a financial standpoint by any means. Dr. Samuel deserves a medal for what he does for these children with special needs and who have suffered traumatic experiences because it takes a very special person to do the job he does and I consider him an angel sent to my family.

Candy 11/10/2010

I have been being seen at Saint Lazarus since June 2010. I want you to know that without them I would not be here today. I spent my days in a dark corner and cried all the time. I came to see the doctor, and without charging me a dime Dr. Samuel helped me come out of the dark place I was in. I would like to thank everyone that saved my life for me and my children.

Kesha B 12/03/2010

When me and my family moved to Warner Robins in June I was very concerned with what type of help would be available for my son. At first, like I am always, I was kind of reserved trying to get a feel on Dr. Samuel and his staff, but it didn't take very long to realize that this was the perfect place for my son. The kindness and welcoming atmosphere was more than comforting. The staff took the time to actually talk with you and your kids and did their best to make the visit enjoyable for them. Dr. Samuel is the type of physician that really does care for his patients. Although it looked as if we had hit a brick wall with my son, his patience and concern for him made that brick wall crumble little by little. Now, 5 months later, my son is doing better than he has in years. He is a lot calmer and attentive than before. With all my heart I humbly say, “THANK YOU." You gave us back our son - my gratitude for you and your staff is priceless.

A Yahoo Local User 05/17/2011

Dr. Samuel at St. Lazarus Behavioral Health Inc. is a wonderful doctor! My autistic son is 16 years old now, soon to be 17, and since his diagnosis at 15 months, we have been searching for a doctor who was familiar with autism and the use of medication to treat the severe behaviors that we've experienced. Finally, we found Dr. Samuel. I can't praise him enough! In my book, he is a miracle worker. I recommend him highly to those seeking a qualified, caring doctor, who knows what he is talking about! Middle Georgia is fortunate to have him here!

A Yahoo Local User 06/13/2011

I experienced something today that has never ever happened in my 41 years of age. I for the first time saw Dr. Samuel on Friday and we started some medication. But today (Monday) I was feeling really jittery and called his office this morning. He knew I was stuck home with my 10 month old baby. Dr. Samuel actually went to the pharmacy, picked up my new medication and actually brought it to my house. Now...if you are looking for a super wonderful doctor...then Dr. Samuel is the one!!!

THE BEST EVER (Marhonda2005 on merchantcircle.com: April 24,2014 at 1.39pm)

While I am far less than happy with most of his office staff, Dr. Samuel is by far the best psychiatrist I've ever seen. The wait times to see him can be a bit ridiculous but he has been extremely accommodating in allowing me to skip appointments and just pick up my prescriptions. He truly seems to care and has bent over backwards for me many many times. I HIGHLY recommend him!

Ms.A Owens, Macon 12/18/2014  : No words can describe this.  

My son  has had autism from birth and has never  spoken a word of language. He could never sit through his meal, and could only eat from a sippy cup. He was aggressive and had no sense of fear; hitting himself and others continously. For four years I went all over to many doctor’s offices and no one could help him. Dr. Prigatano in Macon was so kind to refer my son to Marcus NIH Institute of Autism in Atlanta in 2012. But for 2 good years driving from Macon to Atlanta almost every week, my son was no different, I was terribly exhausted driving and so was my son. They put him on Prozac at the Marcus institute for the 2 years. Absolutely, nothing changed.  Still no one there could help my son. He continued to hit himself and others.

Before coming to Dr,. Samuel in September 2014, my son was not saying a word,but in less than 3 months after going to Dr. Samuel, my son is now  calling his mother, and for the first time in the 7 years of his entire life, he can now sit through his meal at home. He is not on a sippy cup no more, but drinking out of a straw all by himself.

Before going to Dr. Samuel  3 months ago, my son had  never been to a restaurant his whole entire life because there would be total and complete aggressive chaos there, but now he can sit through a visit to the restaurant and act right. He does not hit himself or  no one no more. He actually went with us to the church for the first time in his entire life at Macedonia church in Macon and sat through a whole sermon peacefully to our own shock and amazement.

Out of all the years I have been trying to find a solution, I never knew Dr. Samuel was in Macon. A teacher  and administrator at API in Macon, told me to take my child to Dr. Samuel, and today my child who has always been home-schooled because of autism , will be starting school in January 2015.

This for me, is  beyond words!! It is hard to believe the way Dr. Samuel made this look so easy within 4 weeks  for my son; progress that we could not achieve in 4 years around Georgia. For us, he is simply the best out there.  

Other parents (that I meet at Saint Lazarus) with the most heartbreaking behavioral conditions in their children drive long distances like I used to, to see Dr. Samuel. But thankfully, they will not drive in vain.

My family felt it is worth our while in all honesty and  deep gratitude to spend time to say all these things in public to parents who have troubled kids from whatever illness or reason from Autism (like mine) to Bipolar or ADHD. So they know where to go to avoid trial and error on  their  children.

I can never thank Dr. Samuel and his team enough for giving me some blinking hope for my child.May God bless you all in all that you do !!!

 Ms. A. Owens (Macon. GA. December 2014)

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