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where "Our Faith Shall Be Our Eyes"~ Chris Tomlin

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 Nationally Board Certified :
    *Pediatric (Child & Adolescent)            Psychiatrists.
eneral Adult  Psychiatrists.
    *Addiction Medicine Specialists.

"Between a stimulus and response,         there is a  space. In that space; is           our power to choose our response. 
     In our response lie; our growth               and our freedom." Victor  E.  Frankl                                   

St. Lazarus Behavioral Health Inc. is a Specialist Neuro-Psychiatry Out-patient Clinic for Children, Adolescents and Adults; located  at the University Medical Plaza,Suite 355, 8401 Medical Plaza Drive, Charlotte; North Carolina. NC 28262.

This practice has Clinicians who are Board Certified in General Adult Psychiatry, and also Board Certified in the Sub-specialty of Pediatric (Child and Adolescent) Psychiatry.
St. Lazarus also has on it's staff; a  nationally Board Certified Specialist in Addiction Medicine; who is thoroughly trained and certified in all current treatment modalities for Substance Use Disorders.

St. Lazarus Behavioral Health Inc. is a privately owned CARF Accredited Specialist Psychiatry Clinic (for Children, Adolescent and Adult Patients) with its main offices located in Charlotte; North Carolina. 

The Clinicians at St. Lazarus are nationally board certified in the diagnosis and treatment of behavioral health and psychiatric disorders across the life span, and provide clinical services for clients in the Charlotte, Gastonia and surrounding areas and counties of North Carolina; and by Telepsychiatry to other states including Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Louisiana and New York.

Samuel Inimbom Samuel  MD, Head of Clinical Services at Saint Lazarus; is uniquely trained in the two major international systems of Psychiatry, which are the World Health Organization's (WHO) ICD 10 System of British Psychiatry  and  the Research Based  DSM System of American Psychiatry.  

Dr. Samuel is Board Certified by The American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN); in the Specialty of General Adult Psychiatry and the Sub~Specialty of Pediatric (Child & Adolescent)


Dr. Samuel also holds an additional  Board Certification in Addiction Medicine; by the American Board of Preventive Medicine. (ABPM)

Dr. Samuel therefore teaches and supervises other Clinicians at St. Lazarus in the most current evidence-based  treatment for all Substance Use Disorders across the life span.

Dr. Samuel graduated from the University of Calabar, Nigeria with a Premed Bachelors of Science Degree Honors in Biological Sciences in June 1980, then attended The College of Medicine, University of  Ibadan (formerly The University College of London Campus in Nigeria) from 1981 to 1986; graduating with an MD degree in 1986.

Dr. Samuel's Post-MD Graduate Medical Education & Training in the Specialty of  Psychiatry, and the Sub-specialty of Child & Adolescent (Pediatric) Psychiatry spanned a total period of Eight Postgraduate Residency & Fellowship learning years; with Three years of  Completed Psychiatry Residency and Chief Residency  Training at the The North East London Hospitals; England; United Kingdom;

and Five years of  Psychiatry Residency & Child/Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship Training in the United States at  the well renowned Tertiary University Teaching Hospitals of:

The Beth Israel Medical Center, (The Albert Einstein College of Medicine; New York), and 

The Child & Family Institute, of  The Saint Luke's & Roosevelt Hospitals (The Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons, New York; New York). 

Dr.  Samuel completed his Post MD-graduate Training in Pediatric Psychiatry, Learning Disabilities, General Adult Psychiatry, Geriatric Psychiatry, Rehabilitation Psychiatry, and Clinical Psychotherapy at the North East London Hospitals, London; England in 2000.

And in the United States, Dr. Samuel graduated from the Fellowship Training Program in Pediatric  (Child and Adolescent Psychiatry) of St. Luke's and Roosevelt Hospitals, (Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons), New York; New York in 2008.

The clinical leadership at St. Lazarus therefore demonstrates a thorough blend of eight years of  the best international Post-MD Graduate Medical Education in Pediatric and Adult Psychiatry Training;  that  combined three years of British Postgraduate Medical Training in the Phenomenology based British and World Health Organization's (International Classification of diseases)  ICD10 Psychiatry,  and  an additional five years of Medical Post-Graduate Education within the  Research based Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM) of American Psychiatry.


**Dr. Samuel was awarded  "Doctor of Excellence", in the 2014 - 2015 edition of "The Leading Physicians of the World", by the International Association of Healthcare Professionals.

**In July 2015, Dr. Samuel was honored with a lifetime membership award to the highly exclusive '"Bristol International's Who's Who of Professionals and  Executives" . The 2015 Edition of  the "Bristol Who's Who" is only available to individuals who are included in the publication, but  registered at the Library of  Congress in Washington DC.

**In November 2015, Dr.Samuel  was recipient of  the national award: "America's Top Psychiatrist" by "The Consumer Research Council of America" for the year 2015.

**On June 26, 2016, Dr. Samuel was nominated and voted "The Best of the Best " Psychiatrist in Central Georgia and surrounding counties in 2016, by  readers of  " The Telegraph "  Macon; GA.


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Insurances accepted: Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Behavioral,  Cigna,  Aetna, Secure Health, and Tricare.


Nuestra misión es ayudar a los niños, adolescentes y sus familias quienes sufren de un stress causado por una enfermedad Psiquiátrica (mentaly de comportamiento). Estamos decididos a proveerle un cuidado de alta calidad y menor costo posible. St. Lazarus Behavioral Health Inc. esta abierto de lunes a viernes de 9am hasta las 5pm. Nos esforzamos por servir a nuestra comunidad al cuidar de nuestros clientes con integridad, respeto, honestidad, fidelidad y una actitud muy amigable y respetuosa. Nuestra oficina cuenta con un intérprete (inglés/español) si usted necesita este servicio.


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